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Spain eSIM for travelers – Unlimited Data Plans

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Why Avoid Your Plan’s International Data Option?

Your current mobile services may also include a data plan option for international data plans, but these are typically expensive. TMobile is an example. Usually these plans have unlimited global data but you can just get 2G data speeds… which can’t be loaded into Google maps or emails. There’s also an AT&T International Day Pass, priced at tens of dollars/day. It’s an AT&T Passport monthly plan priced at $60 per month for 2GB of data and $140 for a second plan with 6GB of data. But the overcharges go up from $30 GB to $30. The whole thing’s been robbing.

Comparing The Best eSIM Data Plans for Spain

Spain’s major mobile operator has three major companies: Vodafone Orange and Yoji. Unfortunately, many of these Spanish carrier data plans offer data only only to local users, so they only make a great deal of sense if you live there or visited for about a month. Furthermore, there have been some companies that offer no e-sIM plans yet. For tourists they can use the best option of buying Spain data plans that are designed for short-term travelers. This plan is a lot more tourist-friendly because there is no long-term relationships, enrollments or anything else. I’m excited to introduce this “tourism friendly” eSMIP package.

Bouygues My European eSIM: $44.90

A telecommunications business in France Bouygues announced a new prepaid EDMA Data plan to compete with the Orange Holidays Europe and ESIM data plan. I used prepaid Bouygues mobile cards on my recent travels to Europe and I feel incredibly happy with this new offer. Bouyeras eSIM is a really good option especially since it includes 30G of data and Unlimited Call & Messages throughout the world. This Bouygues eSIM plan has a 30-day validity making it the perfect choice to travel longer.

Keep your WhatsApp number

It is easy to contact and message a lot of your contacts through WhatsApp. Please keep in contact.

Unlocked phones only

Check your phone has been unlocked. E-sims cards are used only for unlocking phone. If you don’t have the unlock code for your phone, contact your internet service provider. Almost all phones in Africa are unlocked compared to other regions. North American phone systems can be a bit of a problem. When your phone is unlocked this means your prepaid SIM card can no longer be used on the phone. You may unlock any smartphone without any charge depending on the mobile Internet provider that you use to unlock them.

Why Avoid Your Plan’s International Data Option?

Your current mobile services may also include a data plan option for international data plans, but these are typically expensive. TMobile is an example. Usually these plans have unlimited global data but you can just get 2G data speeds… which can’t be loaded into Google maps or emails. There’s also an AT&T International Day Pass, priced at tens of dollars/day. It’s an AT&T Passport monthly plan priced at $60 per month for 2GB of data and $140 for 6GB of data. But the overcharges go up from $30 GB to $30. The whole thing’s been robbing.

Use two phone numbers for calls, messages, and data

Let me know if your iPhone has two numbers.

You’ll receive an Austrian (+43) phone number to make and receive calls in Spain

Certain regions can be included. Please consult your technical specifications for information.When speaking to people outside of your area you will be treated by a call service provider to treat international calls.


I already write several articles on how to use the mobile network with unlimited data and plans in the United Kingdom as well as recommending the best way to get cheapest SIM cards in France.


It disables any information from my device but GPS works in plane mode. In some cases you can even disable data connection to a single app. I’m going inside and shutting off everything except Google Maps or other apps I use frequently. So if I get done with it, I will turn the aircraft mode off.

Switch phone numbers for a call

You have the option of changing your phone number before calling you start calling. You can call anyone on my favorite lists – follow this step:

Buy your prepaid eSIM

Choose an eSim card from our online store. 01.

Which smartphones support e-sim cards?

Another very important factor in purchasing an electronic SIM card is if your phone supports it. All new smartphone models of famous companies can be e-sim enabled. How do I test Sim compatibility in an iphone by searching in google? Just so.


Data costs are very difficult to burn because some applications use data on the go. Facebook, email, Twitter… all of this information uses the internet at the same time – you can’t even know that. You need a simple way to limit your data usage.

Send messages with iMessage and SMS/MMS

Use a Message app on your computer to send a message to any number you want to receive calls. It is possible to set up an initial or recurring conversation number. I’ll explain it one way:

Change your cellular data number

A number is able to use cell-data. If you enable cellular data switching on any of calls or your voice calls, the phone switch automatically uses voice or data. 6. It gives you voice and data access when you call. During cellular data switching the phone can no longer function unless you switch on an alternative voice number that’s not the cell phone number you’ve selected as cellular. To enable the mobile data switch, follow this step:

Can I make phone calls with a Spain e-sim card?

This varies depending on your Sim card purchase. SimOption’s only internationally available SIM Card offers unlimited calls and texting. All nomad and airalo SIM cards have no data.

Setting Up Cellular Plans on iPhones

To initiate the process of setting up cellular plans on iPhones, one needs to ensure first that their device is updated to the latest iOS version. Upon resolving this prerequisite, users should navigate to the Settings section, select Cellular, and then proceed to Add Cellular Plan. The eSIM card, digital and housed within the iPhone, is activated through this method.

Following activation, prompts will appear on the screen requesting scanned QR code, conferred by the cellular service provider. The user then confirms credit validity of the eSIM label and finalizes setup. Upon completion, the iPhone immediately connects to the cellular network, facilitating access to the desired services. If more instructions are needed, the user should consult their respective carrier package or contact the service provider directly.

Unlimited Data: What You Need to Know

In the digital age, the demand for high-speed and reliable internet has surged dramatically, putting ‘unlimited data’ plans under the limelight. These plans promise to offer boundless web browsing, streaming, and gaming, and can make life considerably easier especially for heavy data users. However, it’s paramount to comprehend what ‘unlimited’ truly entails.

Indeed, unlimited data plans come with an array of perks, yet they often carry certain caveats unbeknownst to the average consumer. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may impose soft data caps on unlimited calls and text messaging, which once breached how much data used, can lead to slower internet speeds known as throttling. Some plans might also have restrictions on tethering or high-definition streaming, thereby making it crucial to review all the conditions before opting for a plan.

Unlocked Phones and eSIM Compatibility

Firstly, it’s vital to understand what an unlocked phone is, as it plays a crucial role in determining eSIM compatibility. An unlocked phone is a device that is not tied to a specific carrier or contract. Hence, it allows you to switch network providers freely. This flexibility is a mega advantage to frequent international travelers, as it paves the way for more cost-effective and convenient access data and cellular options on the go trips abroad.

Diving into the realm of eSIMs, it sms is essentially a next-gen, digital counterpart of our traditional SIM cards. It doesn’t require a physical card and can be directly activated via internet. However, the compatibility of eSIMs primarily hinges on the make and model of the handset. Only a selected group of latest smartphones currently support eSIM technology, so it’s important to verify if your unlocked device is eSIM-compatible. This function forms the bedrock for digital carriers’ operations offering users the upper-hand in control over their data plans.

Keeping Your WhatsApp Number

When traveling to Spain or any foreign country, maintaining your original WhatsApp number can be a major concern. Thanks to the revolutionary eSIM technology, this becomes fairly straightforward, allowing you to keep your home country WhatsApp phone number, while using a Spanish data pack. This guarantees that your contacts can still reach you on your usual local phone number, eliminating the need for sharing a new contact.

Yet, how does this work? WhatsApp number is linked to the SIM card’s phone number you first registered with. When you switch to a second plan with an eSIM, it’s essential to not change the phone number in WhatsApp settings. Thus, irrespective of the data plan or location, your WhatsApp number remains constant. Rest ensured, all your conversations send messages, groups, and history remain intact.

Use Multiple Numbers: Calls, Messages, Data

Utilizing multiple numbers can provide a great deal of flexibility, particularly for those who frequently travel or manage different aspects of their life through separate phone numbers. By assigning different numbers for calls, messages voice calls, and data, you can create a distinct segregation between your personal, business, and travel use. Thus, an eSIM can be instrumental in managing multiple profiles on a single device. This way, you can maintain confidentiality, balance work and personal life, and ensure a seamless communication experience.

eSIMs have turned the tables by making it simple to handle multiple numbers without the hassle of carrying different physical SIM cards or separate phones. Toggling between your business and personal profiles can be done with just a tap on your smartphone, negating the need to physically swap out SIM cards. Moreover, this digital SIM technology allows you to choose a data plan for each profile, saving you from excessive data roaming and charges during international travel. Thus, embracing an eSIM can redefine convenience and cost-efficiency in managing your communication needs.

Get an Austrian (+43) Number in Spain

Procuring an Austrian (+43) number in Spain can be incredibly convenient for individuals often dealing with Austrian prospects, sparing them the need to constantly spend on international call charges. By simply adding the Austrian eSIM to your unlocked smartphone, you’ll be able to initiate communication to make phone calls and receive international calls made from Austria at local rates. This feature stems from the distinct advantage eSIMs bring by allowing one device to have multiple numbers from different countries.

One of the chief concerns for users obtaining an Austrian number would be if it affects the usage of their original, local number. Fear not, as eSIMs are designed to work seamlessly alongside traditional SIMs. This means that an individual can get an Austrian (+43) number in Spain, whilst still retaining their Spanish number, and effortlessly toggle between them based on their need. It eliminates the hassle of swapping physical SIM cards and ensures a more seamless communication process, particularly for frequent travelers or international businessmen.

How Does Global Yo eSIM Work?

Global Yo eSIM is a revolutionary technology developed to enhance the communication sector by digitizing the conventional SIM card concept. This technology eliminates the need for a physical SIM card; instead, it integrates an electronic SIM (eSIM) within your smartphone device. It works by storing data on a server, which is later accessed by your device when you purchase a data plan. This eSIM configuration facilitates seamless access to network services without the constraints of roaming or physical restrictions.

Implementation of the Global Yo eSIM service is relatively straightforward. Once you’ve confirmed that your mobile device is eSIM compatible, you can download the Global Yo application from the appropriate App store. Through the application, users can browse and purchase a variety of data plans that best suit their needs. After selecting a plan, the user receives a QR code, which when scanned through the mobile phone itself’s settings, activates the service. This efficient process ensures that connectivity is one scan away, offering a hassle-free telecommunications experience.

Dual SIM: Important Icons Explained

To effectively utilize a dual SIM feature, understanding pertinent icons that appear on your mobile device is essential. These icons, often relatively small, appear at the top corner of your smartphone screen. They provide the status of your cellular connections, clearly distinguishing between the two different SIM cards. Whether they are pointing out which SIM card is in use or showing your network’s status, these icons guide users in managing their dual SIM settings better.

For most modern smartphones, the selection of primary and secondary SIM is symbolized by the numbers 1 and 2, respectively. When making and receiving calls, or sending messages, the selection of the SIM can be observed through the SIM card’s icon. Some phones display unique icons for different network types like 4G, LTE, or 5G, indicative of the connectivity type of each new SIM card. The strength of the signal for each SIM card is also represented by the number of bars nearby the icon. Hence, understanding these icons not only simplifies the usage of a dual SIM phone but also ensure users fully experience the advantages brought by the technology.

Control Data Usage: Airplane Mode and App Blocks

Airplane mode can be a highly effective tool for controlling your mobile data usage, especially when traveling with a Spain eSIM. Once you enable airplane mode, all wireless connections, including Wi-Fi and cellular services, will be disconnected. By doing so, you can put a halt to background data refreshes and avoid overage charges. Of course, it doesn’t stop your functionality altogether. You can still manually Enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings if needed. However, it strictly controls excessive data usage and maintains a balance to keep your costs at a minimum.

To further help monitor your data usage, consider utilizing app blocks or restrict certain apps from using mobile data. In an iPhone, for example, you can do this by going to Settings, then Cellular, and then switch off the apps you don’t want to use cellular data. This will force these and other apps, to only work with a Wi-Fi connection, thus minimizing the consumption of high-speed cellular data while on your Spain eSIM. Implementing these steps will not only help you prevent excessive data usage but also help in maximizing your overall digital roaming experience while in Spain.

Scanning Your eSIM QR Code

Understanding how to scan your eSIM QR code properly is an essential step towards activating your eSIM. This code is typically provided by your eSIM data plan provider, either through an email or within a physical starter kit. The QR code holds all the essential information to set up your data plan, and iPhones or any other eSIM-compatible devices can easily read this.

To begin scanning, navigate through the settings of your device to the ‘Mobile Data’ or ‘Cellular’ option, depending on your device model. From there, you will find an ‘Add Data Plan’ button that prompts your device’s camera to open, ready for scanning. All you need to do is position the QR within the camera frame, and your device will automatically capture and process the information securely. After successful scanning, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Lower Your Mobile Data Usage Tips

Economizing mobile data usage could be a game-changer if you are troubled by recurrent hefty phone bills or surprise data overages. An effective strategy is to make use of Wi-Fi whenever possible; home, office, public libraries or coffee shops often offer free Wi-Fi and it not only conserves mobile data but also provides faster speed. Limiting data-intensive activities like streaming videos, audio or using video-calling applications to when you are connected to Wi-Fi is a smart move. Also, most modern smartphones offer settings to assist in data management allowing you to set data limitations or warnings when you approach your data limit.

Another tip to curtail your data usage is regulating the settings for automatic app updates, commonly found consuming surprising amounts of data. Explore the settings on your smartphone, typically most app stores provide an option to update data only when over Wi-Fi. Moreover, curious as it might sound, abandoning the habit of closing apps abruptly can also prevent unnecessary data use. Often, reopening these apps requires more data since they have to reload all the information. Balancing the use of data consuming apps, and adapting these tips could lead to discernible reductions in your mobile data consumption while ensuring you get the most out of your eSIM data plan.

Is Your Phone eSIM-Compatible?

Before jumping on the eSIM bandwagon, one must ascertain if their device is eSIM compatible. Essentially, this means that your phone has the necessary technology to support this type of non-physical SIM card. This attribute is commonly found in newer models of smartphones, such as iPhone XR and later, Google Pixel 3 and later, Samsung Galaxy S20 and later, and many others. It’s critical to check your phone’s specifications or consult the manufacturer to confirm its compatibility with eSIM.

Although eSIMs are gradually becoming the norm, as they offer convenience and flexibility, it’s essential to note that not all devices, despite their advanced feature sets, currently support this technology. For instance, several older models of smartphones and even some newer models still only support traditional SIM cards. Technological compatibility is, therefore, a key factor to consider before purchasing an eSIM. Nonetheless, rest assured that the list of eSIM-compatible devices is expanding steadily with the advance of technology.

How to Buy a Prepaid eSIM

Purchasing a prepaid eSIM is a straightforward process, regardless of your device and location. You start by selecting your preferred eSIM data plan from a reputable provider’s website or application. This could be a top local operator or telecom company, or an international provider such as eSIM.net, Ubigi, or Truphone. After making your choice of internet provider, add the eSIM to the cart and proceed to checkout. Remember, payment methods can vary but most providers accept credit and debit cards, along with digital wallets like PayPal.

Once the purchase is complete, the provider will typically send an email confirmation with the eSIM QR code attached. This QR code is unique to your eSIM and is used to activate the plan on your device in just a few simple steps. It’s important to note that while most new phones support eSIM technology, it’s still best to double-check your phone’s compatibility before proceeding with your purchase.

5G Access with Spain eSIM

Across Spain, the wide network coverage provided by eSIMs is notably improving thanks to the rapid integration and development of 5G technology. With an eSIM, you’re no longer bound by physical sim cards; it’s an embedded sim within your device that can be activated digitally. This innovation is not just a technological marvel but it also facilitates stronger and quicker internet connection, making 5G access all the more swift and efficient.

In urban areas such as Madrid and Barcelona, 5G coverage through the eSIM network is stellar. It has significantly enhanced the communication experience by providing fast and reliable broadband services. Rural spaces are also catching up at an impressive rate. Consequently, a Spain eSIM now provides better connectivity and data transfer rates across the country making it a valuable choice for locals and travellers. No matter where you are, the promise of stable, high-speed connectivity is made possible through 5G access with Spain eSIM.

Staying Connected in Spain: Is eSIM Best?

Spain offers a wide range of mobile plans for tourists and residents alike. In terms of flexibility and convenience, an eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) stands out from the traditional physical SIM cards. This digital SIM allows you to activate a cellular plan without having to use a physical SIM card. Also, it eradicates the hassle of swapping SIM cards while switching networks or when traveling internationally.

Being a digital SIM, eSIM holds an upper hand in terms of retaining network connectivity. Even in the remote corners of Spain, eSIM ensures a seamless network experience allowing one to stay connected. Moreover, because it’s built into the device, there’s no risk of losing or damaging it. The possibility of having multiple eSIMs programmed onto a device opens doors to balance personal and business phone numbers, or domestic and international plans, with greater ease. Therefore, for anyone looking to stay connected efficiently and effortlessly during their time in Spain, eSIM appears to be a superior choice.

FAQs: Spain eSIM by Global Yo

One of the common questions about the Spain eSIM by Global Yo is its compatibility. It’s important to understand that not all smartphones support the eSIM technology, even if they are recent models. The most reliable way to confirm if your phone is compatible is to check the device specifications provided by the manufacturer, or to directly contact your smartphone company’s customer service. The availability of the eSIM function may also vary slightly according to your phone model, operating software, and even your current location, as some region-specific models might not support this feature.

Another frequently asked topic revolves around setting up and using the Spain eSIM by Global Yo. While the process is typically simple and intuitive, new users can often feel overwhelmed. After purchasing your eSIM, you will receive a QR code. To setup the eSIM, you will need to go to your phone settings, find the Cellular/Mobile Data option and add a plan by scanning the QR code. Once complete, the Spain eSIM and unlimited data plan will be readily available for use. There are options to manage data usage, select primary/secondary roles for numbers where applicable, and swap between your plans according to your needs.

Smartphones That Support eSIM

The face of telecommunications is rapidly evolving, and one of the game-changers in recent times has been the introduction of the embedded SIM, popularly known as eSIM. This technology has simplified the process of switching phone service providers, thereby aiding consumer mobility. It comes embedded in your device and cannot be physically removed, marking a shift from the older, traditional SIM cards.

Many modern smartphones now come with inbuilt support for eSIM technology. These include a select range from globally renowned brands such as Apple, Google, and Samsung. Models such as the Apple iPhone XS and later, Google, sms Pixel 3 and successive iterations, and Samsung, sms Galaxy S20 series and the latest Note20 showcase this built-in feature. With these smartphones, users can seamlessly transition across network providers, making it an ideal choice for frequent travelers or individuals seeking versatile, adaptable telecom solutions.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital SIM that allows you to send messages and receive calls and to activate a cellular plan without having to use a physical SIM card.

Which smartphones support eSIM?

Many latest models from brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, and more support eSIM. It’s best to check with the specific manufacturer to confirm eSIM support for particular models.

How can I set up cellular plans on iPhones that have eSIM?

You can set up a cellular plan directly on your iPhone by going to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan. This will guide you through the necessary steps to activate your eSIM.

What is the significance of unlocked phones in relation to eSIM compatibility?

Unlocked phones are not tied to a specific carrier, which means they can be used with e sims on any carrier that supports eSIMs. This gives users more flexibility and options in choosing their service provider.

Can I keep my WhatsApp number if I switch to eSIM?

Yes, you can keep your WhatsApp number t mobile even when you switch t mobile phone number from regular sim on to eSIM as long as you keep the same number for your WhatsApp account.

Is it possible to use multiple numbers with eSIM?

Yes, one of the benefits of eSIM is the ability to use multiple numbers on the same device. This can be useful for managing personal calls and business calls, messages, make and receive calls, incoming call, and data separately.

How does a global Yo eSIM work?

A global Yo eSIM works similarly to a traditional name SIM card but can be used internationally for local calls without the need for physical SIM cards. It can be activated via a QR code and used with compatible phones.

How can I control data usage with eSIM?

You can control your phone calls and cellular data call usage by activating airplane mode or blocking specific apps from calling or using cellular data in your phone settings.

Can I access 5G with Spain eSIM?

Yes, if your device is 5G-capable and the network provider supports 5G, you can access 5G networks using data only a Spain eSIM.

How can I buy a prepaid eSIM?

You can buy a prepaid eSIM from a telecom provider’s website or physical store, just like a traditional SIM card. After purchase, you’ll also make and receive calls a QR code to activate the eSIM on your compatible smartphone.

Is eSIM the best option for staying connected in Spain?

Using an eSIM can offer convenience extra cost, and flexibility, especially for travelers in Spain, as it eliminates the need to swap physical SIM cards. However, the best option depends on individual needs and preferences, including data usage, costs, and network coverage.

How can I check if my phone is eSIM-compatible?

You can check if your phone is eSIM-compatible by checking your phone’s specifications on the manufacturer’s website or contacting the manufacturer’s customer service.

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