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Free Calls to Gaza

To Everyone Trying to Reach Their Loved Ones,

Our hearts are heavy as we think about everyone affected by the ongoing conflict in Gaza. At Global YO, we’re not just a company, we’re a community of people who are fervently hoping for peace and are deeply moved by the struggles all of you are going through. The notion that people in the 21st century still have to endure such loss and separation from family and friends is heartbreaking, and it’s something we can’t simply stand by and watch.

We understand that in this tumultuous time, millions are trying to connect with their families in Gaza, often encountering connectivity issues and disruptions. We want to stand with you, ensuring that you know that we, as a community of people at Global YO, have got your back.

In a small effort to ease the strain, we’re offering unlimited free calls to Gaza through our Global YO platform using the yo.io function.

Our calling technology, which we are testing, is designed to work in ultra-low bandwidth situations where other apps do not work, ensuring that you can connect under even the most challenging conditions.

It is devastating to be unable to reach your loved ones during critical moments, and we want to assist you in every possible way during these trying times.

Here’s How You Can Use Free Calls:

1. Download the Global YO app. App Store | Google Play | AppGallery

2. Create an account

3. Create a free blockchain wallet

4. Go to YO.io

5. Dial a Gaza phone number (codes: +970 and +972).

Our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you. We sincerely hope that, through our platform, you can receive that reassuring “I’m okay” from the other end of the line.

Please share this with anyone you believe it might help to reach their close ones. Your sharing can serve as a bridge, connecting someone to their family or friends during these difficult times.

Global YO is here for you as your emergency communication channel.

With heartfelt solidarity,

Global YO team App Store | Google Play | AppGallery